What Happened on 04 October 2013

Calif. Governor grants driver's license to illegal immigrants

Gov. Jerry Brown of California has signed a bill on Thursday allowing illegal immigrants in the county to obtain driver's… Read More.

Inspectors report progress in Syria

According to the weapons inspectors responsible for overseeing the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria, the initial progress in their… Read More.

At least 94 dead and hundreds missing in Sicily shipwreck

African migrants traveling to Italy today were spilled into the sea when their ship capsized off the island of Lampedusa… Read More.

KFC brings snacks for cupholders in vehicles

KFC has figured out that cars' cupholders can even hold food; this proves that the fast-food chain is attempting to… Read More.

Tesla stock dives as Model S burns

Share price of the electric car company Tesla dived after a video was taken of the all-electric Model S being… Read More.

Facebook to have a swanky housing community

Facebook is soon to have a swanky housing community near its campus in California. The company is now working toward… Read More.

Michael Jordan is still ahead of Kobe and LeBron in hip-hop

Hip-hop has been associated with Basketball since a very long time and many NBA players have attempted to rap over… Read More.

Ex-MLB player sentenced for criminal sexual conduct

Former major league outfielder Char Curtis was charged with inappropriately touching teenage girls and was given a prison sentence of… Read More.

Drug Kingpin appears to be an 'ordinary guy'

The mastermind behind alleged Silk Road was anything but a mundane drug boss. He lived in an apartment with two… Read More.

Phone-tracking was just a test

Some U.S. intelligence officials are disclosing more details on their spying in order to justify invading the privacy of American… Read More.

Miley tried to go topless at VMAs

The new Miley Cyrus documentary that aired last night showed a disturbing conversation between Cyrus and Britney Spears. It appears… Read More.

Gwyneth Paltrow is now on Instagram

Gwyneth Paltrow has joined Instagram and her account could make you feel like your life will never be good enough.… Read More.