What Happened on 04 May 2017

Trump's First Foreign Trip to Start with Vatican City, Israel and Saudi Arabia

As per reports, US President Donald Trump mentioned that he will be visiting Israel, the Vatican and… Read More.

Prince Philip to Retire from Public Life

As per reports, Buckingham Palace has announced that Prince Philip, husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, is going retire from… Read More.

Macron Files Lawsuit over Offshore Claims

As per reports, presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron filed a lawsuit over claims that he has a secret bank account in… Read More.

House Republicans Pass Healthcare Bill to Replace Obamacare

As per reports, the House approved healthcare bill to repeal as well as replace key parts of the Affordable Care… Read More.

Puerto Rico Announces Bankruptcy – The Biggest in US Government History

As per reports, the bubble has burst for Puerto Rico with the local government announcing it had filed for bankruptcy.… Read More.

Facebook Users and Profits Continue to Head North

As per reports, Facebook is close to signing up 2 billion users with 1.3 billion being active on a daily… Read More.

French Presidential Candidates in a Heated Face-off on Television

As per reports, Presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron went live on television in a much awaited debate… Read More.

21 Killed, 70 Injured in Coal Mine Explosion in Iran

As per reports, several miners lost their lives trying to save trapped fellow miners in an explosion that occurred deep… Read More.

Location Map of Iran Mine Explosion