What Happened on 04 May 2013

Israel launches airstrikes on Syria

US officials reported that Israel launched an airstrike into Syria on Thursday night - early Friday targeting a… Read More.

Portugal to lay off 30,000 civil service jobs

Portugal has announced a layoff of 30,000 civil service jobs and an extension of the retirement age of… Read More.

Caterpillar announces new layoffs

Illinois-based earth-moving equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar Inc. announced an additional round of layoffs to be effected by July 2013.… Read More.

Indiana Pacers beat Atlanta Hawks 81-73

The Indiana Pacers secured an 81-73 win against Atlanta Hawks finishing off the latter’s stint in the NBA… Read More.

Google recognizes Palestine

Internet giant Google decided to follow the precedent set by the United Nations and changed the home page… Read More.

Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman dies at 49

Founding member of the thrash metal band Slayer, Jeff Hanneman, died on Thursday at Los Angeles at the… Read More.