What Happened on 04 March 2014

Pope utters F-bomb while speaking a foreign language

Spanish is Pope Francis' native language and that explains why he ended up dropping the F-bomb while giving his weekly… Read More.

Karzai calls al-Qaeda a myth

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai said it's time to move on. He expressed his anger towards the American government while reflecting… Read More.

Taliban trick alters prisoner release form

It was easy for a group of Taliban fighters to get out of the heavily secured Sarposa prison. Security officials… Read More.

Mighty wings at McDonalds now 40 percent off

McDonald's Mighty Wings didn't win the customers' hearts and now the chain plans on breaking even on them by selling… Read More.

Man wins $1M from a forgotten lottery ticket

A Georgia man came across his month old Powerball ticket while cleaning his room and discovered that the ticket had… Read More.

Reddit to donate 10 percent of its profits

Entertainment and news website Reddit announced that it plans on donating 10 percent of its revenue to the less fortunate. … Read More.

Should the NFL penalize the N-word?

One of the recent debates about the NFL have been regarding whether or not the league should ban the N-word. … Read More.

LeBron James posts a message about his father

LeBron James has spoken about the importance of his mother in his life throughout his career. His father Anthony Clelland… Read More.

Inflatable aircraft could explore Venus

Scientists are eager to know more about Venus and a new airship could help them do so.  The Venus Atmospheric… Read More.

NASA tweets real space photos

NASA is sharing photos from actual space and they look like they've been taken from the film 'Gravity.' The space… Read More.

Jennifer Lawrence falls at Oscars once again

Looks like it's becoming kind of a tradition for Jennifer Lawrence to fall at the Oscars every year. After famously… Read More.

Scarlett Johansson is pregnant

Multiple sources have revealed that Scarlet Johansson is at least five months pregnant with French journalist Romain Dauriac's baby.  Dauriac… Read More.