What Happened on 04 January 2014

Six rapists in India charged with murder

A 16-year-old girl in India who was gang-raped on two consecutive nights and then set on fire in October died… Read More.

Police opened fire on protestors in Cambodia

At least three people died when police fired AK047 rifles in order to end the protest by garment workers asking… Read More.

Finger amputations result in another Walmart recall

PR people for Walmart are probably wishing they had taken a whole week off: After the first recall of donkey… Read More.

Lovie Smith to coach the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa has made it official that Lovie Smith, who will be formally introduced on Monday, is the new coach… Read More.

Facebook scans messages to boost its ad sales

A California class action lawsuit accuses Facebook of reading users' private messages whenever it pleases, looking for websites that they… Read More.

Blackberry-Alicia Keys collaboration is over

It looks like no one cared that Alicia Keys was working for Blackberry. Reports suggest the company hired her for… Read More.