What Happened on 04 February 2014

Cancer cases to significantly jump by 2030

World Cancer Day was accompanied by some disturbing news this year: A report by the UN suggests that cancer cases… Read More.

Queen pushes Kate for a makeover

Kate Middleton is expected to look a little different during her trip to Australia in April. Reports suggest that Queen… Read More.

Insurer saves $1.5M by skipping Super Bowl ad

Online insurance firm Esurance didn't spend its money on a Super Bowl ad but bought its first one after the… Read More.

The best and worst Super Bowl ads this year

The Washington Post rounded up some highlights and lowlights regarding the Super Bowl ads of this year. The commercial for… Read More.

BIll Gates may step down as CEO

People have been talking a lot about Microsoft's search for a new CEO because of reports regarding the fact that… Read More.

Seth Meyer to no longer be on SNL

Seth Meyer will no longer be hosting the "Weekend Update" on Saturday Night Live. He ended his reign by telling… Read More.