What Happened on 04 December 2013

Prisoner escapes facility to visit dentist

A 51-year-old Swedish prisoner broke out of a minimally secured facility to "go to the dentist," officials said." Reports suggest… Read More.

Dancer to spend 6 years in prison for acid attack

Russian dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko is now expected to spend six years in prison for attacking Bolshoi Theater artistic director Sergei… Read More.

New report: Yasser Arafat wasn't poisoned

A team of French scientists recently concluded that former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat didn't die of poisoning but after a… Read More.

Towels were Walmart's hot holiday seller

Walmart sold more towels than televisions this Black Friday. The number was 2.8 million, which is one million more than… Read More.

Online spending this Monday was more than ever

Cyber Monday was not a disappointment like Black Friday. Reports suggest that online sales increased by 21 percent compared to… Read More.

Mystery 'TipsForJesus' now amount to $54K

Someone in country has been leaving around humongous tips under a name "TipsForJesus" and the money has now added up… Read More.

Woman loses it over loss and kills Alabama fan

There's been a senseless murder in Alabama: The victim's sister said she was shot by a fellow fan after last… Read More.

Ronda Rousey said she beat up two guys at a movie theater

While being in conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, UFC fighter Ronda Rousey said she once got into a physical fight with… Read More.

Robot similar to RoboCop meant to keep an eye on things

It's hard to not compare the K5 Autonomous Data Machine to RoboCop since it is an electronic security guard, weighing… Read More.

Super rich people now have intense security measures

The mega rich people in the world have begun to use mind boggling security measures. They're even more intense than… Read More.

Paul Walker died in the most dangerous car

Paul Walker lost his life when a Porsche Carrera GT crashed. A former manager at the car company referred to… Read More.

Kardashians' Christmas card costed $250K

The Kardashians and the Jenners come together every year for a Christmas picture to put on a card. Their card… Read More.