What Happened on 03 September 2013

Obama to meet Russian gay activists

President Obama is planning on meeting with Russian gay rights activists and it has been confirmed that activists Lev Ponomarev,… Read More.

Ex-SS Agent accused of murder in Germany

A 92-year old ex-SS member allegedly killed a Dutch resistance fighter back in 1944.  The German born, Siert Bruins is… Read More.

Skyscraper in London is melting cars

A new skyscraper in London has been acting like a massive magnifying glass by melting cars parked in close proximity… Read More.

Microsoft to buy Nokia devices and services business

Microsoft plans on buying Nokia's devices and services business in a deal valued by the company at $5.44B euros.  Nokia's… Read More.

Verizon buys out Vodaphone

Verizon is buying America's largest wireless provider, Vodafone, which in turn will receive about $120B in stock and cash as… Read More.

CBS and Time Warner end their dispute

CBS and Time Warner Cable have finally ended their dispute and are now expecting programes to return to many homes… Read More.

Tommy Morrison dead at 44

Tommy Morrison died last night due to causes that are not yet disclosed. The former world heavy weight champion best… Read More.

Nyad completes 35-year old journey

Diana Nyad has become the first swimmer to be able to cross the Florida Straits Cuba without a shark cage.… Read More.

Syrian hackers hit US Marine Corps

After attacking the New York Times website last week, the Syrian Electronic Army has hit the US Marine Corps.  The… Read More.

Hospital offering rehab for internet addicts

It is not unusual for hospitals to offer treatment programs for addicts. However, this new program does seem to be… Read More.

Man pays for daughter's wedding with Spider-man comic

Richard Schaen had bought a Spider-Man comic back in 1963 for only 12 cents. He managed to unearth his old… Read More.

The Butler is no. 1 on its third weekend

Oprah's "The Butler" managed to outperform "One Direction" and grabbed the No. 1 position on the box office over its… Read More.