What Happened on 03 May 2014

Bodies found far away from ferry disaster

Several more bodies have been found in relation to the ferry disaster in South Korea and the death toll has… Read More.

Afghan landslide results in 2k missing

Catastrophic casualties are being registered after a massive landslide in afghanistan. According to the UN, nearly 350 people have died… Read More.

Seattle may have $15 minimum wage

Seattle may end up with the highest minimum wage in the United States. Reports suggest that a new proposal unveiled… Read More.

Donald Sterling may have cancer

Multiple sources revealed that LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been suffering from cancer since several years.  The New York… Read More.

Maryland cops to tweet about a sting

Cops in Maryland who are tackling with prostitution are going to live-tweet their sting operation. "We won't tell you when… Read More.

James Franco posts attention seeking photo

It appears that James Franco is still using Instagram in a weird way. He was shirtless and sweaty in a… Read More.