What Happened on 03 June 2014

King of Spain has stepped down

Spain's King has stepped down after four decades at the age of 76. Juan Carlos has handed his throne to… Read More.

Last surviving child of Churchill died

British World War II leader Winston Churchill's last surviving child died at the age of 91.  Mary Soames "was a… Read More.

Virginia lottery players are being lucky this time!

It appears that lottery players in West Virginia are on a lucky streak this year since nine tickets worth more… Read More.

Apple unveils iOS 8

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled operating systems OS X and iOS 8 at the company's annual conference in San Francisco.… Read More.

Vikings linebacker rescued the stranded people

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway rescued two boaters, who were stranded on Lake Minnetonka on Monday, June 2.  Reports suggest… Read More.

Jim Kelly's presence felt at charity event

Dan Marino mentioned before the beginning of his charitable gold tournament this year that he loves Jim Kelly. "I just can't… Read More.

Learn a new language to slow the ageing of your brain

People often say that knowing different languages can help you fight dementia. The media reports note that it may not… Read More.

Google plans on launching 180 internet satellites

Google has spent plenty of money on acquisition and it now plans on spending over $1 billion on launching satellites… Read More.

Justin Bieber apologizes for being racist

Justin Bieber came forward to apologize for using the n-word and telling a tasteless joke to his friends four years… Read More.

Miley Cyrus' car found after burglary

Los Angeles police have reportedly recovered Miley Cyrus' Maserati Quattroporte in Simi Valley street and expensive jewelry is still not… Read More.