What Happened on 03 January 2015

Three lost their lives in Afghanistan Taliban clash

Two police personnel and a civilian lost their lives after Taliban militants… Read More.

Suspected plotter of US embassy attacks dies in New York

An alleged al-Qaeda leader, who was to stand trial for plotting the 1998 US embassy attacks in Africa, has died… Read More.

Abandoned migrant ship reaches Italian port

A ship carrying 360 migrants has arrived at port Corigliano Calabro in Italy. According to media… Read More.

Indonesia defers Surabaya-Singapore AirAsia flight

The transport ministry of Indonesia said on Saturday, January 3, that AirAsia's… Read More.

20 US states to start 2015 with increased minimum wage

With new laws in place at the beginning of the year 2015,… Read More.

Roger Federer: Fit enough to achieve more Grand Slam success

The 33-year-old Roger Federer and seventeen-time winner of Grand Slam has shot… Read More.

Tattoos considered a taboo in South Korea

Clandestine work life, heavy fines, repeated raids, and even jail are what… Read More.

Zoe Saldana discloses twin sons' names

Zoe Saldana, the female actor of Read More.