What Happened on 03 January 2014

Rob Ford to run for re-election

Registration for Toronto's mayoral election opened today and Rob Ford submitted his paperwork with a slogan that said "Ford more… Read More.

Musharraf goes to hospital instead of court

Former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf was taken to the hospital while he was on his way to a court… Read More.

52 rescued from Antarctic ship stranded since Christmas Eve

Scientists and 52 tourists have finally been rescued after being trapped in Antarctic since Christmas Eve.  AP reports that a… Read More.

States ask 5-Hour energy to prove its claims

A group of 53 states is doubtful about the claims made by 5-Hour Energy, according to which 73 percent of… Read More.

Netflix to try a new payment plan

Netflix is now attempting to reduce account sharing and generating more money out of families. Reports suggest that the company… Read More.

Woman survives on Starbucks for a year

This Seattle woman didn't have issues keeping her New Year's Resolution and ate absolutely nothing but Starbucks food for a… Read More.

NFL Punter said he was fired because of homophobia

Chris Kluwe is known not just for being an NFL punter but for also being a strong advocate for gay… Read More.

Invention will allow paralyzed teenager to participate in World Cup

A robotic exoskeleton, which would control the brain impulses and convert them into movements, will make it possible for a… Read More.

Information of 4.6M Snapchat users hacked

Photo-sharing mobile app Snapchat is facing a major hack affecting the usernames and phone numbers of 4.6M users.  The hackers… Read More.

Incandescent bulbs are not banned in the US

You have probably heard by now that the government has imposed a ban on 40W and 60W incandescent light bulbs.… Read More.

Breaking Bad contest winner busted for drugs

Florida man Ryan Lee Carroll, who won the privilege of going all the way to Hollywood to watch the finale… Read More.

Kate Winslet's baby Bear won't go by daddy's last name

Kate Winslet never wanted her child to go by the last name "RocknRoll," even though that's the unusual surname of… Read More.