What Happened on 03 December 2014

'Car bomb' blast reported near Somali airport, at least four killed

A blast, which may have been carried out using a car bomb, went off near Mogadishu’s international airport in an… Read More.

Israel likely to see early polls after Netanyahu dismisses two ministers

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said he wants early polls after dismissing two key cabinet ministers, resulting in the… Read More.

Key intellectuals behind Hong Kong protests to surrender to police

Three intellectuals from Hong Kong who played a key role in starting the pro-democracy protest movement have revealed on Tuesday,… Read More.

Obama appeals to Congress to approve Ebola aid

President Obama has urged Congress to grant approval to $6 billion in emergency help for battling Ebola in West Africa,… Read More.

188 Muslim Brotherhood supporters sentenced to death

More than 180 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have been given death sentence by a court in Egypt for attacking… Read More.

Australia bids emotional send-off to Phillip Hughes

Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes who died after a delivery hit the top of his neck got an emotional send-off at… Read More.

Japan launches asteroid lander Hayabusa 2

Japan has launched a space probe on a six-year trip that will see it land on an asteroid and collect… Read More.

'AI could spell end of human race'

World renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has said that artificial intelligence when sufficiently developed could lead to the end of the… Read More.

'Reducing meat consumption must to deal with climate change'

A new report has said that consuming less meat was vital in tackling climate change. But activists and governments were… Read More.

Mediterranean diet a key to staying young

The US researchers say that a Mediterranean diet could be a route to a long life as it appeared to… Read More.

Now, Bill Cosby sued for alleged sexual assault of 15-year-old

A California woman has sued comedian Bill Cosby, alleging that he assaulted her sexually in 1974 at the Playboy Mansion when… Read More.

Crime drama set in New York named best film

The US National Board of Review has named crime drama ‘A Most Violent Year’ as the film of the year,… Read More.