What Happened on 03 December 2013

Mass grave found in China

Archaeologists have discovered a mass grave of 80 young females in China, the details of which are quite grisly.  Experts… Read More.

Pope talks about sex abuse for the first time

Pope Francis directly mentioned problems that Catholic Church faces regarding sexual abuse. He encouraged bishops from the Netherlands to help… Read More.

Egypt jails 21 young women and arrests their lawyer

A lawyer representing 21 young girls was arrested at home today. Reports suggest that 14 out… Read More.

Biggest fast-food strikes to come on Thursday

Don't buy a Big Mac on Thursday since the fast-food strikes are expected to come back exactly a year after… Read More.

Man gets ticketed for showering mall with cash

A Minnesota man chucked a thousand dollars cash over a crowd of people from a third-floor railing at the Mall… Read More.

Trader Joe's is not the best grocery store in America

The grocery chain Aldi is only in 32 states but Rebecca Schuman of Slate wrote that it's the best one… Read More.

Historic Olympic medal up for auction

The only known Jesse Owens gold medal is now up for auction. It's not known as to which one of… Read More.

Rob Ford stole Matt Mays' seat

Toronto mayor Rob Ford showed up at a Buffalo Bills-Atlanta Falcons game and reportedly stole Matt… Read More.

Delivery drones could become a possibility: Amazon

Amazon has been working on delivery drones, which might become a part of it's upcoming "Prime Air" service in about… Read More.

HealthCare.gov is still not ready for prime time

Many of the problems associated with HealthCare.gov have been fixed but that still doesn't mean it's ready for use. The… Read More.

Paul Walker may have died due to fluid break

The cause of the deadly crash, which killed Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas, isn't official yet but reports… Read More.

Miranda Kerr is dating and its not Justin Bieber

Miranda Kerr is now in a relationship and it's someone other than Justin Bieber. Reports suggest that the supermodel is… Read More.