What Happened on 03 December 2012

Egypt judges halt work

Judges in Egypt have suspended their work and refused to oversee a vote on the country's new draft constitution. The… Read More.

Napoleon's Moscow Kremlin letter auctioned for $195,000

A 200-year-old letter written by Napoleon Bonaparte in which he pledged to blow up the Kremlin was sold at auction… Read More.

Geithner and Boehner fiscal cliff talks remain deadlocked

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner stated on Sunday there will not be a deal to avoid a "fiscal cliff" unless… Read More.

Kansas City Chiefs host game after Jovan Belcher shooting

The Kansas City Chiefs hosted an NFL game on Sunday at the stadium, where one of their players killed himself… Read More.

U.S. election, iPhone 5, Kardashian most searched on Yahoo! in 2012

The U.S. presidential election was the most-searched item and Kim Kardashian was the most-searched person on Yahoo! this year, the… Read More.

Shakira sued by former boyfriend

Colombian pop singer Shakira is being sued for $100 million by a former boyfriend who acted as her business manager… Read More.