What Happened on 02 June 2014

France catches museum shooting suspect

A man has been caught and arrested in relation to shooting at a Jewish museum in Brussels. The incident killed… Read More.

Pope Francis and Benjamin Netanyahu disagree on Jesus' language

Pope Francis met Israel's prime minister in Jerusalem and corrected him when he said Jesus spoke Hebrew. "He spoke Aramaic,… Read More.

South Korea introduces parking spots only for women

South Korea is introducing parking spots only for females. The parking spots in Seoul will not only be bright pink… Read More.

Seven people died while chasing 75 cents into a well

Seven people who climbed down a 16-foot-deep well in Cambodia in order to get back 75 cents, ended up losing… Read More.

Ballmer has money to buy LA Clippers

Former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer definitely has $2 billion to buy the Los Angeles Clippers.  Ballmer was the 30th… Read More.

Bicycle helmets may not be too useful

One would most likely raise one's eyebrow if a neurosurgeon would tell that cycle helmets are useless. That's exactly what… Read More.

John Elway's son in trouble for domestic violence

The 24-year-old son of John Elway has been arrested for domestic violence.  Reports suggest that Jack's bond was set at… Read More.

NSA gathers millions of photos each day

The media reports indicate that the NSA is gathering images and using facial-recognition software in order to identity them.  Edward… Read More.

Dog people are different than cat people

Dog lovers are not exactly similar to cat lovers since a new study has found considerable differences between the two. … Read More.

Melissa Etheridge marries Linda Wallem, her longtime partner

Melissa Etheridge married Linda Wallem in a ceremony just days after the two turned 53.  "A gorgeous, perfect, beautiful day… Read More.

Justin Bieber was found cracking a racist joke

Justin Bieber told a racist joke to his friends a few years ago. "Why are black people afraid of chain… Read More.