What Happened on 02 July 2014

Newlyweds got killed brutally in Pakistan

A Pakistani couple was reportedly "punished" for marrying against the family wishes and their throats were slit in a village.… Read More.

Stress kills 600k in China annually

China is now in the middle of an epidemic because of its stressful work schedules. Reports suggest that about 600k… Read More.

Tinder co-founder sues the company

Tech startup Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe is now suing the company after fellow co-founder and ex-boyfriend Justin Mateen misbehaved with… Read More.

Users shouldn't be angry over Facebook's experiment

Facebook users are angry about the fact that Facebook altered their News Feeds without their knowledge in order to conduct… Read More.

Shia LaBeouf heads to rehab

Shia LaBeouf was arrested Thursday night and the incident might have convinced him to check into rehab yesterday. This isn't… Read More.