What Happened on 02 February 2014

Hong Kong is the most-visited city in the world

Asia clearly leads when it comes to figuring out which city is the most-visited one in the world. Four out… Read More.

Volcano in Indonesia kills 14

A volcano rumbling for several months in Indonesia erupted and killed 14 people only a day after officials allowed people… Read More.

MillerCoors to introduce Miller Fortune

MillerCoors is soon expected to debut Miller Fortune in order to appeal to spirits drinkers.  Fortune will contain 6.9 percent… Read More.

Only six out of nine media hotels ready in Sochi

The Sochi Olympic organizing committee mentioned that only six out of the nine hotels for the media are completely ready. … Read More.

iPhone catches fire in girl's pocket

School officials mentioned that a 13-year-old girl in Maine noticed smoke and a sound coming from the back pocket of… Read More.

Male stars who have struggled with eating disorder

Eating disorder doesn't only trouble female celebrities. Radar has put together male celebrities who have struggled with the issue.  Dennis… Read More.