What Happened on 02 December 2014

Gunmen kill 36 quarry workers in Kenya

At least 36 quarry workers were killed in a gun attack near Kenya’s northern Mandera town on Tuesday, December 2,… Read More.

UN food scheme suspended, 1.7 million Syrian refugees face the brunt

The UN’s World Food Program (WFP) has suspended its food voucher scheme after a cash crunch, putting at risk over… Read More.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's ratings plunge

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s ratings have plunged as protests continue to rock the country over the 43 missing students… Read More.

Colombian general freed by Farc resigns

General Ruben Alzate, the top army officer who was freed by Colombia’s Farc rebels, has resigned for not following army… Read More.

Congressman's aide who criticized Obama's daughters resigns

Elizabeth Lauten, an aide of a Republican congressman, has resigned after public criticism over her Facebook remarks on the US… Read More.

Edward Snowden wins human rights award

Edward Snowden received Sweden’s prestigious Right Livelihood award for revealing the extent of state surveillance carried out by agencies in… Read More.

Maoist rebels kill 14 policemen in central India

Maoist rebels in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh have killed at least 14 paramilitary personnel, according to media reports.… Read More.

Russia's central bank steps in as ruble crumbles

The Russian central bank intervened to shore up the ruble after the currency hit a new low against the dollar… Read More.

North Korea refuses to deny cyber-attack

The North Korean government has refused to deny its role in a cyber-attack carried out on Sony Pictures before the… Read More.

HIV evolving into less deadlier forms, says study

A new study has shown that HIV is evolving into milder forms that are less deadly, media reports say. As… Read More.

Duncan Campbell wins prestigious UK art award

Irish artist Duncan Campbell has won this year’s Turner prize for his “essay film” that examines the value of art,… Read More.

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pleads not guilty

The drummer of the legendary rock band AC/DC, Phil Rudd, has pleaded not culpable to the charges of possession of drugs… Read More.