What Happened on 02 August 2013

Explosion kills at least 40 in Syria

At least 40 people died in an explosion at an ammunition depot in the city of Homs, Syria and medical… Read More.

Worst heat wave in China in a Century

Dozens of people have died in China due to the heat wave, which is said to be the worst one… Read More.

Female journalists get bomb threats on Twitter

Escalating calls for attention to prevent abuse against women on social media have increased the bomb threats to female journalists… Read More.

Jobless claims fall to lowest in years

The number of Americans filing claims for unemployment benefits fell last week, suggesting an improvement in the labor market. About… Read More.

Quit smoking and earn more money

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has found that smokers only earn about 80 percent of as much as nonsmokers do.… Read More.

Visitors return to Las Vegas but gamble less

Given that the number of visitors in Las Vegas hit a record last year proves that the U.S. survived recession.… Read More.

Alex Rodriguez working on suspension deal

According to Major League Baseball, Alex Rodriguez could possibly be facing a lifetime ban because of his scandal regarding Biogenesis… Read More.

Riley Cooper to receive sensitivity training

After being fined and making his apologies, Philadelphia Eagles receiver Riley Cooper is being sent for sensitivity training and counseling… Read More.

Israel to welcome futuristic transportation trains

Tel Aviv, Israel is soon enough going to be the first city to introduce futuristic transportation trains.  Engineers from NASA's… Read More.

New Coffee shop staffed by robots

An Austin-based company has opened a new coffee shop at the University of Texas, which is staffed not by people… Read More.

Jennifer Aniston mocks Katie Couric

Jennifer Aniston mocked Katie Couric during an appearance on E! "Cheasea lately". The actress doesn't seem to be a fan… Read More.

Country star Randy Travis released from hospital

Country star Randy Travis has been released from the hospital and is now being taken to a physical therapy facility.… Read More.