What Happened on 02 April 2014

Missing jet's final words have changed

Authorities have suddenly altered their version of the final words from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Initially, the words were believed… Read More.

Japan PM ditches ban on weapons export

Japan banned weapons exports back in 1967 but Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is now chucking those rules. Reports suggest that… Read More.

Muslim Brotherhood investigations in UK

David Cameron in inquiring into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain since London could serve as a terrorist… Read More.

Arizona sees strict rules on abortion drugs

Arizona now has the strictest rules in relation to the use of the abortion drug RU-486. The new rule allows… Read More.

Americans need to stop buying cheap clothes

Americans buy plenty of cheap clothes and an average citizen spends 3 percent of his annual income on clothing. Keila… Read More.

April Fools' Day brings surprises for waitress

On a day where people generally make you land at the wrong end of a prank, a trick made us… Read More.

David Ortiz takes selfie with President Obama

It was Jonny Gomes who wore a patriotic blazer to the White House but David Ortiz ended up stealing the… Read More.

U.S. team's World Cup jersey resembles a popsicle

The U.S. team will be sporting the Dutch flag upside down during away matches. The nation hasn't looked this way… Read More.

There needs to be an app for disasters

There are enough apps for online shopping and games and we now need apps to serve a more noble purpose. … Read More.

Zuckerberg's last year's salary was $1

Mark Zuckerberg has joined the ranks of Steve Jobs and Google founders after making only $1 last year.  As compared… Read More.

Johnny Depp shows off wedding ring

Looks like the rumors are true and Johnny Depp is officially off the market. He wore a diamond engagement ring… Read More.

Pat Boone is wanted

Tea Party activist and singer Pat Boone is a wanted man after he failed to show up for his court… Read More.