What Happened on 01 September 2013

Juvenile convicted in Delhi Gang Rape

The first conviction in the Delhi gang-rape case has come down but the result wouldn't satisfy the supporters of the… Read More.

Obama waiting for Congress before striking

President Obama is seeking the authority of Congress before launching the military strike on Syria. He said he strongly believes… Read More.

Tooth fairy paying a lot more this year

A new survey revealed that kids are now getting gifts worth much more than they were two years ago for… Read More.

Patriots doomed Tim Tebow

A third NFL team dumped Tim Tebow and he was cut by the Patriots a week before the beginning of… Read More.

Apple launches trade-in programs

Apple has now given its customers an option to walk into a store with an old device and to leave… Read More.

Duchess makes first appearance since royal birth

The Duchess of Cambridge made her first public appearance after giving birth to Price George. She attended a running event… Read More.