What Happened on 01 October 2015

Fifth British jihadi placed under UN sanctions

A Cardiff county resident has been added to a UN sanctions list containing four other British citizens fighting with Read More.

Sri Lankan PM to visit Japan

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe will make an official visit to Japan, his second overseas trip… Read More.

Spanish air-traffic controllers call off strike

Spanish air-traffic controllers have called off a 12-hour strike which was called for Sunday after their main union USCA and… Read More.

Migrant camp near Italy-France border dismantled

A migrant camp in Italy's coastal city of Ventimiglia close to the French border has been dismantled.… Read More.

Afghan forces retake Kunduz from Taliban

The Afghan special forces recaptured Kunduz city from Taliban militants on Thursday, the government said.… Read More.

Malaysia to unveil larger budget for 2016

The Malaysian government is set to unveil a larger budget for 2016, with an increase in development expenditure and reduction… Read More.

Volkswagen to recall one lakh cars in South Korea

German carmaker Volkswagen is expected to recall around one lakh cars in South Korea following its… Read More.

Sao Paulo signs Olympic football contract

Sao Paulo's Corinthians Arena will host 10 Olympic football matches next year under a deal signed with the Rio 2016… Read More.

YouTube better platform for brands' videos: Study

Video sharing site YouTube seems to provide a better platform to the brands in the online video realm than rival… Read More.

GPS leads car onto train tracks in Australia

Can technology be misleading at times? A man in Australia's Melbourne city, whose car was hit… Read More.

NASA prepares 'real Martians' to land and stand on Red Planet

As NASA is planning to send humans on Mars by 2030, its researchers back on the Earth are experimenting with… Read More.