What Happened on 01 October 2013

US Government Shuts Down

The US Government shut down on Tuesday at 12.01 am Eastern Time after prolonged debate in the US House of… Read More.

Syria's Assad will comply with UN resolution

Bashar al- Assad is vowing to comply with the terms of the United Nations resolution to destroy the chemical weapons… Read More.

Saudi cleric said driving hurts women's ovaries

A conservative Saudi cleric said there are medical reasons behind the country's ban on women drivers.  Sheikh Saleh said "If… Read More.

Kenyan intelligence warned of the possibility of mall attack

Kenya's National Intelligence Service had warned a number of the nation's Cabinet members as well as defense officials of the… Read More.

Ex-Quest CEO became close to drug offenders in prison

Former Quest CEO has completed his 54-month prison sentence and has emerged a changed man.  Joseph Nacchio is now healthier,… Read More.

Meatballs makes $35M over weekend

"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2" left no competition at the box office this weekend by making $35M. This… Read More.

Coke loses the "Most Valuable Brand" crown

Coke is no longer the most valuable brand in the world and has lost the crown to Google and Apple. … Read More.

Guy crashes Berlin Marathon and breaks tape

Although Kenya's Wilson Kipsang broke a world record at Berlin Marathon yesterday, he didn't break the tape.  That honor went… Read More.

Lolo Jones is eating 9,000 calories a day

Lolo Jones proudly weighs 150 pounds, which is more than she has ever weighed before.  "I'm the heaviest ever in… Read More.

iOS is causing motion sickness

Many people with vestibular disorders cannot handle the new iOS 7 operating system with its floating icons and the new… Read More.

Twitter is the new gang territory

An increasing number of criminal gangs and other such groups have begun to boast about their activities on Twitter. According… Read More.

Katy Perry: I had suicidal thoughts after divorce

Katy Perry revealed come dark facts about her past in her recent Billboard interview.  A track from Perry's upcoming album… Read More.

Walter White cost his neighbors around $30K

It seems as if Breaking Bad's Walter White may have contained a lot of meth cash at his residence over… Read More.