What Happened on 01 November 2013

Police have a video that shows Toronto mayor smoking pot

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford might have just gotten into big trouble.  Police said they have gotten their hands on a… Read More.

Belgium is considering euthanasia for kids

Belgium is currently debating a difficult topic: legalizing euthanasia of children.  It would require the approval of the parents and… Read More.

'Critical' equipment destroyed in Syria

All mixing facilities and chemical weapons production declared by Syria were destroyed and made inoperable, a day prior to the… Read More.

Facebook beats expectations with the help of mobile ads

Growth in mobile advertising has enabled Facebook to increase its revenue by 60 percent in the third quarter.  This beat… Read More.

McDonald's to sell bags of its coffee

McDonald's is now selling bags of its coffee in ground as well as in whole-bean form. So if you love… Read More.

Florida man wins big lottery once again

The same man from Orlando, who won the Florida Lotto has gotten lucky once again.  The drawing was held on… Read More.

Jamaica vows to improve drug testing in country

Sports minister of Jamaica Natalie Neita-Headley said the Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission (Jadco) met with with the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada)… Read More.

Jessica Ennis-Hill goes back to training after injury

Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill has begun jogging this week after suffering from an Archilles injury and missing the World Championships this… Read More.

NSA leaker gets a job

Perhaps you will get Snowden on the line if you call for technical support in Russia.  Reports suggest that the… Read More.

Female driver gets ticket for wearing Google Glass

A San Diego woman recently got a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving.  Although, Cicilia Abadie got pulled over… Read More.

Banksy makes changes to a painting for charity

Banksy does it again.  The secretive graffiti artist bought a pastoral scene for $50, added a Nazi soldier sitting on… Read More.

Guy Fieri gets into a fight with his hairdresser

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri got into an intense fight with his hairdresser, Ariel Ramirez while they were on their way… Read More.