What Happened on 01 May 2014

Man leaves murder plans on computer

An Australian man made step-by-step plans on how he would kill someone and not get caught but forgot to delete… Read More.

Bombing kills 25 kids in Syria

Twenty-five kids died when a bomb went off in an elementary school in Syria. Reports suggest that barrel bombs were… Read More.

Leading reporter on Egypt dies at 31

The journalist praised for covering the 2011 revolution in Egypt appears to have committed suicide at the age of 31.… Read More.

Johnson & Johnson suspends surgical tools

Johnson & Johnson is suspending the sales of surgical tools due to concerns that power morcellators could spread cancer in… Read More.

Economic growth slows down by 0.1 %

There was a drastic slowdown in the US economy during the first three months of this year since the harsh… Read More.

Taco Bell explains its mystery ingredients

Taco Bell said earlier in 2011 that it uses 88 percent of actual beef and left the world wondering what… Read More.

Sterling's wife is racist too

Court documents suggest that Donald Sterling isn't the only racist person in the family since a Sterling tenant mentioned that… Read More.

Heisman winner may have shoplifted seafood

 Jameis Winston of Florida state won the Heisman last year, but is now making headlines for a different sort of… Read More.

High schoolers gift a 3D hand to kid

A boy of 9-year-old, who doesn't have fingers on one hand was gifted a new hand from Illinois high school… Read More.

Internet Explorer flaw has not yet been fixed

It's not clear as to when the recently-discovered security flaw in Internet Explorer will be fixed.  As per the media… Read More.

American drummer insults Islam and gets jailed

James Kottak was drunk and sweary when he landed at a Dubai airport. Reports suggest that the German heavy metal… Read More.

Bob Hoskins dies at 71

Bob Hoskins, the British actor, who had a varied career, died at the age of 71. A family statement mentioned… Read More.