What Happened on 01 March 2014

Submarine accident kills two in India

Two sailers in India were found dead after toxic smoke filled the submarine they were on and the accident resulted… Read More.

Parrot helps catch man's murderer

Perhaps parrots should be called man's best friend. One of them reportedly helped detectives reach his owner's murderer.  Neelam Sharma… Read More.

There may have been a security breach at Sears

Looks like Sears could be next in line: Bloomberg reported that the Secret Service is looking into a possible security… Read More.

Richie Incognito admitted to psych clinic

Richie Incognito was admitted to a psychiatric clinic in Arizona after he smashed a baseball bat into his own car.… Read More.

California drivers allowed to check maps on their phones

The California law allows drivers to look at maps while driving but bans motorists from texting or talking on their… Read More.

Mila Kunis gets engaged

Demi Moore is not going to be happy about this: Reports suggest that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged… Read More.