What Happened on 01 January 2014

Russia's Osama may be behind recent bombings

The name Doku Umarov is coming up often as a link to the three bombings in Volgograd. London Times is… Read More.

Japan's new island looks like a cartoon figure

The shape of a cartoon figure is rising out of the volcanic ash of the newest island in Japan.  The… Read More.

Chinese doctor admits to selling babies

A Chinese doctor has admitted to court that she told parents their child had congenital issues and convinced them to… Read More.

Netflix CEO receives raise

Netflix recently had success in the original content game and the network's CEO's pay will see a raise as a… Read More.

Comedian raises $125K for atheist Oklahoma family

Stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope, who often drinks and smokes on stage, has come to the aid of a family in… Read More.

Target had another oops this holiday season

Target's major credit card breach was not the only mishap this holiday season: Reports suggest that some of its gift… Read More.

Dwayne Wade confirms the birth of his new child

Dwayne Wade confirmed that he had indeed fathered a new born with a woman who wasn't his fiancée. Reports suggest… Read More.

Schumacher is better after surgery

A second surgery was performed on Michael Schumacher last night and reports suggest that he is showing improvement.  However, the… Read More.

One-third Americans say humans haven't evolved

A new survey suggests that about one-third of Americans think that humans haven't evolved over time and "living things have… Read More.

Apple denies working with the NSA

Apple denied the fact that it worked with the NSA on a way to hack into people's iPhones.  A software… Read More.

Benjamin Curtis dead at 35

Guitarist Benjamin Curtis died on Sunday night after battling with cancer for about two years.  Curtis was diagnosed with t-cell… Read More.

Artist pick their favorite songs of the year

As much as we love Royals, Lorde likes to listen to Drake and his latest "Nothing Was the Same." "There… Read More.