What Happened on 01 February 2013

Mexico City Explosion Kills Over 25

On Thursday, 25 people were killed, 101 injured, and a number of people trapped in the debris by… Read More.

Taiwan Announces Cabinet Reshuffle

According to a statement issued by the Taiwanese Presidential Office on Thursday, the vice premier Jiang Yih-Huah is… Read More.

Dell Buyout Nears Agreement

The Dell buyout agreement nears a conclusion according to news sources. The $23 million personal computer giant is… Read More.

Culliver Apologies For Anti-Gay Remarks

On Thursday, San Francisco 49ers' cornerback Chris Culliver apologized for the anti-gay remarks he had made earlier this… Read More.

Sony To Hold PlayStation Event In February

Sony's announcement of the upcoming PlayStation event in the US on February 20 has given a free reign… Read More.

30 Rock Ends In Style

After seven seasons, 138 episodes, 14 Emmy Awards, popular sitcom '30 Rock' aired its last episode on Thursday.… Read More.