What Happened on 01 April 2014

Hot zone in Fukushima is ready for residents

Over 300 Japanese citizens who were exiled from home three years ago are now getting the green light to return… Read More.

Young Americans need to be convinced of war

Americans in their 50s and 60s understand the power of the US military but the younger generation sees the world… Read More.

Jet searchers find jellyfish and trash

The debris in the search for missing Flight 370 has failed to live up to the expectations. Flight Lt. Russell… Read More.

Kids should know if their college will make them poor

A lot of professors don't like it when colleges are ranked on the basis of the amount earned by students… Read More.

Thursday is the best day to purchase a plane ticket

A new fare study from Hopper suggests that Thursday is the best day to purchase both international and domestic tickets.… Read More.

Professor teaches the wrong course all semester

A former brilliant student is upset about the fact that her college professor taught above the pay grade of her… Read More.

Students riot after University of Arizona loss

The University of Arizona recently endured a loss but the student body didn't handle the situation well. Reports suggest that… Read More.

Climbing community mourns sports legend

Base jumper, stuntman and climber Sean "Stanley" Leary of California has been confirmed dead and a friend mentioned that he… Read More.

Zuckerberg sees fortune drop

Tech stocks have been through a rough week and Mark Zuckerberg lost $3.1B since Facebook dropped 11 percent. Moreover, Google… Read More.

Study asks to guess people's IQs by looking at photos

Turns out that it's easier to guess men's intelligence as compared to women's. The reason is probably that people tend… Read More.

Woman gets a makeover to look like Jennifer Lawrence

A 30-year-old woman in Texas spent $25K to get a plastic surgery done on herself so she could resemble Jennifer… Read More.

Elton John to get hitched

Elton John is marrying his longtime partner David Furnish in May. The two have been together for eight years and… Read More.