Mahilyow City Map

Mahilyow is one of the most significant cities in the country of Belarus. Mahilyow is also called by the name of Mogilev. In the eastern part of Belarus lies the beautiful city of Mahilyow.
Very close to this Belarus city, lie the Russian provinces of Smolensk and Bryansk. The city of Mahilyow makes the capital of Mahilyow Province. In the matter of size, Mahilyow makes the third biggest city in the country of Belarus.

Tourists and business executives come in large numbers every year in the city of Mahilyow. After the end of Second World War, many industries have taken shape in Mahilyow. Major steel mills were built in the city. This city is also considered as a metallurgy hub. The industries of Mahilyow contribute a lot to the economy of Belarus.

The inland port in the city of Mahilyow contributes to the export and import industry as well as to the tourism industry. The port has been constructed over the Dnieper River. The tourists also avail this port to reach Mahilyow. There is also a domestic airport available in the city of Belarus that acts as a major gateway to Mahilyow.

The Dnieper River flows across Mahilyow, adding beauty to the natural scenery of the city. Few other attractive sites in Mahilyow, which contribute largely to the tourism of Mahilyow include:
  • St. Stanislaw's Cathedral
  • Convent of St. Nicholas
  • Archiepiscopal palace
  • Memorial arch
  • Theater Hall

Last Updated on: May 29, 2017