Hrodna City Map

Hrodna is one of the most important cities in the country of Belarus. The international borders of Poland and Lithuania lie very close to Hrodna. Because of the city's proximity to Poland and Lithuania, a big influence of the Polish and Lithuanian heritage can be witnessed in the land of Hrodna. This Belarus city shelters the majority of the Polish population in Belarus. The influence of the Polish culture is widely felt in Hrodna. The Neman River flows by the side of the city of Belarus. The continuous flow of this river adds to the natural beauty of the city.

The baroque style architecture of the buildings of Hrodna is a study of art for the art students. An Old Castle was built of stone during the times of Grand Duke Vytautas in Hrodna. But later it was redesigned by the Saxon monarchs of Poland to the New Castle. The tourists can still enjoy the fine blend of renaissance and baroque style of architecture if they pay a visit to the New Castle. A stone arch bridge of the 18th century that links the Castle to the middle of the city, adds further beauty.

The students from abroad come in large numbers to Hrodna every year to study in the institutes of the Belarus city. Few of the recognized institutes in Hrodna include:
  • Institute of Biochemistry of the Belarus Academy of Sciences
  • Kupala University
  • Hrodna State Medical Institute
  • Hrodna State Agricultural Institute

Last Updated on: May 29, 2017