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Places to see

Bahrain is a kingdom comprising of an archipelago of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf. Luxurious, modern and cosmopolitan, it is welcoming a huge number of international tourists to come and share the fascinating blend of eastern and western cultures. The Bahrain travel guide will provide you an insight about the places to visit in Bahrain.
Manama, the capital is over-crowded with mosques and minarets. This place boasts of excellent hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and an interesting souq( bazaar). Your visit to Bahrain would be incomplete without seeing the tourist attractions in Bahrain which include Bahrain fort, King Fahd causeway, Bahrain national museum, Barbar temple and many more Some of the major travel destinations are:

Awali's position just north of Bahrain's huge stretches of oilfields and in close proximity to the large refinery of Bapco is justified by the huge deposits of oil that was discovered here. After the operation of Bapcowas in full progress,Awali municipality was established to support the growing infrastructure of the area. Gradually government offices, staff headquarters and accommodations for foreign officials of Bapco took place here. Due to this oil history Awali slowly developed as the place which was teemed with expatriates from around the world who would come here to work in Bapco. Even today, visitors come to Awali in order to have a look at the largest oil refinery of the Gulf, BAPCO. Together with manual laborers arrived doctors, nurses, secretaries and schoolteachers who were necessary in any neighborhood. With foreign capital flowing in abundantly in Awali, the place got highly renovated to reflect exactly a western town.

Maps for Tourists Visiting Bahrain

Seef is a small district near Manama, the capital city of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Seef district was created as a result of massive land reclamation in Bahrain which extended its coastline. Seef is surrounded by sea on three sides and ahs many luxury apartments, five star hotels and shopping malls. The apartment rates in Seef are perhaps the highest in the entire country. Seef is rapidly developing into a business hub with many national as well as multinational companies opening their branches in the area. Seef is home to the most popular and largest shopping mall of Bahrain, Seef Mall . The mall was opened in 1997 and was constructed by Seef Properties. The Seef Mall provides an excellent combination of a huge variety of international retail brands, fast food outlets, cinemas, theme cafes and restaurants and outstanding entertainment options.

Sitra or Sitrah is a city in the northeastern part of Bahrain. It was initially a municipality of Bahrain located in the eastern part of the country. The Sitra region comprises of three villages and the main island of Bahrain. The area is mostly inhabited by the Shia Muslims. Wadiyan is the central village and has the police station, bank branches, central market and post office. The northern part of Sitra is an industrial zone known as North Sitra Industrial Area. Gulf Aluminum Rolling Mills Company and the Bahrain Petroleum Company is located in this industrial zone. A large part of the area is covered by the oil storage tanks of The Bahrain Petroleum Company. The other half of Sitra is a busy residential area. There are some private schools in Sitra like The Indian School and Al Noor International School. The area has seen rapid development in the past few years.

Bahrain Islands
The beautiful archipelago of Bahrain is an idyllic haven for any tourist wanting to spend some time in absolute luxury. The 33 islands of Bahrain attract tourists who want to bask in the endless sands and sun of the Arabian Gulf. Bahrain islands are sure to provide the reveler with a true taste of Arab world and enjoy its vast stretches of sand and surf.

In this archipelago of 33 islands, Jebel Dukhan stands as the tallest point wherein also is situated most of Bahrain's oilfields. A unique feature of the main island of Bahrain is that it contains a never-ending supply of fresh water both on land and offshore. Date gardens dot the topography of the islands on the north coupled with a cozy sight of irrigated vegetable and fruit gardens. The beaches of Bahrain, with their divine beauty and endless entertainment, attract tourists in large numbers from all parts of the world. Besides, another reason why Bahrain's beaches are more popular than those of the other Arab countries is because the country is considerably tolerant of foreigners and their cultures.

Bahrain Transport

Bahrain transport is mainly depended on the road services , ferry services and the airline services . But road services in Bahrain provide only bus and taxi for the passengers as there is at present no railway connection available in Bahrain. People in Bahrain use either bus or taxi if they want to travel by road. Lots of passenger boats are also available to carry passengers willing to have a water way transport. There are airlines transportation available in moderate fare to and from Bahrain. Bahrain has in total 3164 km highway in Bahrain for road transport. Lots of buses are available for passengers to move around within the major locations of Bahrain. There are lots of hotels in Bahrain who arrange hired cars for their guests though passengers can hire cabs from outside and by themselves also.

Things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain tourism guarantees that travelers will find many things to do along with the site seeing that will multiply the pleasure of Bahrain tourism. There are fishing, swimming, scuba diving, wind surfing, water skiing, snorkeling, yachting, parasailing and many other adventure sports in which travelers can engage themselves. Moreover, there are lots of shopping malls and markets from which one can collect the souvenirs also. There are lots of other things to do in Bahrain.

Restaurants in Bahrain are of several types. Some of the restaurants are multi cuisine restaurants and some other serve local delicacies only. Some other restaurants again are specialized in serving mouthwatering delights of one particular country only. Restaurants in Bahrain vary regarding their cost and prices also.

There are several restaurants in Bahrain that are specialized in serving the dishes of one country or another. There are several Indian restaurants in Bahrain, many Asian restaurants including the Chinese restaurants, Thai restaurants, Middle East restaurants and many other European restaurants like Mexican, Italian, French and many other restaurants.Some of these restaurants with their address in Bahrain are,

Abunawas Lounge : This is a good restaurant in Bahrain located at Manama. This is an international restaurant in Bahrain. Phone number: 224343.
Al Arisha : This is another good restaurant in Bahrain that serves Lebanese dishes. This is also in Manama and their phone number is 725414.
Al Safina : Al Safina is a good restaurant in Bahrain that is specialized in serving sea food delights. This is located in Manama and their contact number is 727078.

Bahrain nightlife is very much vibrant with a number of night clubs, pubs and bars. Party goers crowd in these bars and pubs at night and enjoy through all night. Night life in Bahrain has its own world and charm that draws many travelers and visitors in Bahrain. The colorful program each night with belly dance, music and songs, mouthwatering dishes to taste along with a wide range of liquors to choose from- all these are very much attractive to the night revelers in Bahrain.

Bahrain shopping malls give the shoppers a shopping experience that is very satisfactory. Shopping malls and shopping centers and other small shops in Bahrain are well stocked and give the visitors an experience that keep them coming back to these shopping places for getting more. Bahrain shopping malls truly urges the shopper to shop till they drop.

Bahrain has number of state-of-art shopping malls that give the shoppers the opportunity to get all the items they want within a single complex. Some of these shopping malls in Bahrain are,

Al Seef Mall Situated in the Seef district of Bahrain, this shopping mall gives the shoppers an unique chance to satisfy their shopping spree along with the pleasurable doze of entertainment. Here the shoppers will get both the shopping corners along with restaurants and movie hall.

Bahrain Mall : This shopping mall set in the center of the city, has a number of facilities that make the experience of shopping a fun filled entertainment at the day's end. This shopping mall houses a number of international brands along with many important offices and banks under one roof and has a number of several types of stores.

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