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Independence Day of Bahamas

When is the Independence Day of Bahamas celebrated?

Bahamas celebrates its Independence Day on July 10 to commemorate its freedom from British in 1973.

How is the Independence Day celebrated?

The people of Bahamas commemorate the historic independence movement by holding week-long celebrations. These usually begin on July 3, and culminate on the Independence Day. The celebration includes a number of number of Junkanoo - a costumed street dance - performances, carnival parades, fireworks, and political speeches.

Why is the Independence Day of Bahamas significant?

In 1492, Christopher Columbus, reached the island called Guanahani in Bahamas, in an expedition backed by the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. The ensuing years saw a growth in the region's slave trade with many of the native Awarks having been enslaved by the Spaniards. It is during this time that African slaves were brought to work in homes and plantation of the government officers of Spain and affluent Spaniards.

In the next couple of centuries Bahamas came under the dominance of Spain, America, and finally England. The first permanent settlement was founded in Bahamas in 1647, when English and Bermudian religious refugees, reached Bahamas after fleeing persecution by Charles I, and named the island Eleuthera its name. Over next few years more settlers came to Bahamas, and in 1717 Bahamas formally became a British colony.

Bahamas remained under British authority for nearly 300 years, except a brief period during the American Revolution, when it came under Spanish dominance. The British soon reclaimed the Bahamas, and after years of struggle and negotiations granted self-rule to Bahamians in 1964.

In 1967, the Progressive Liberal Party won the general elections, and two years later Bahamas became a commonwealth country. It took another six years for Bahamas to become a sovereign nation, and it finally, won its complete independence from the British on July 10, 1973.

What does the national flag of Bahamas represent?

The flag of Bahamas was adopted on the day of independence. The flag's design was selected by holding a local contest. Several entries were combined to create the present - day flag. The national flag of Bahamas features three horizontal equal stripes, and a black triangle to the hoist side pointing towards the centre of the flag. While the top and lower bands are aquamarine blue, the middle band is yellow in color.

The blue represents the oceans or the sea, the yellow signifies the sand, and black stands for unity and solidarity of the nation, and the determination of the people to nurture land and sea.

Who wrote the national anthem of Bahamas?

The national anthem of Bahamas, March on Bahamaland, was adopted in 1973. Its lyrics and music has been given by Timothy Gibson. The song was a winning entry of a competition.