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Western Region, Australia

Western Australia is the largest Australian state, occupying westerngrid of the continent. It is bordered by South Australia and the Northern Territory in the mainland and Indian Ocean on the west. It is the second largest subnational body after Sakha Republic of Russia.
Perth is the capital city of the WA holding over 1 million people. It is isolated from Jakarta, Indonesia by 3,007 km. Western Australia is also known to be the sandgropers due to its innate feature of sandy soil lands.

Majority of the state is made of semi-arid or desert with average annual temperature of about 200 to 250 mm. However, the showers are erratic and followed by torrential falls of cyclones in the summers. The highest maximum temperature of the region is 50.5 °C and lowering to -6.7 ºC. The northern tropical regions as an exception has severe hot and wet climate and the mean annual downpour ranges from 500 to 1,500 mm. Nevertheless, there are long rainless seasons from April to November.

Occasional snow is common on the Stirling Range near Albany city that often occurs in the hilly areas of southwestern Australia. River Ord irrigates the dry semi barren land of the West.

The south-western corner of Western Australia is the home for 540 bird species.It also serves as the home-ground for the largest number of plant varieties. Agriculture, mining and fishing is the primary occupation of the Western Australians.

WA’s Kalgoorlie Super Pit is the largest open-cut gold supplier in the world. The state is also rich in petroleum commodities, iron, alumina, natural gas, nickel both as an extraction and export center. Diamonds can be mined in Argyle district of North West, Collie’s Coal is mainly utilized for domestic power production.

Beside mineral and oil and gas industries growing in Perth capital, Western Australia is also an important producer of agricultural goods, like wheat, barley, wool and meat. Tourism is a growing and flourishing trade in this part of the country.