There are several politicians who are popular in their own countries but are not very visible in international politics, while there are politicians who may be popular in international politics but may not enjoy wide support in their own countries. In either case, popularity remains a subjective interpretation and changes with time or events as they unfold, either in their own country or within the global community. Therefore, it is prudent to take into account [...]

Greetings are the first thing that we exchange with people from other cultures such as ones who do not speak our language or ones who are from a different country or perhaps a different part of the same country itself. It is the pleasant demeanor and a smiling face that helps us strike a conversation with people we know nothing about and, if it is meant to be, create a relationship that can stand the [...]

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) has emerged as a serious global concern with direct impact on human health and environment. The definition of municipal solid waste differs as countries classify according to their own interpretation. As per World Bank, it includes all non-hazardous waste generated from residences, commercial businesses and institutions, along with non-hazardous industrial waste, agricultural waste produce, and sludge produced from sewage. Type of wastes Domestic waste generated from households include food waste, fabric, [...]

Urban legends are stories, often horrifying or scary tales that are told and retold, often with some variations. They are often purported to be real incidents, having happened to friends of friends or to distant acquaintances. In the days of the Internet these urban legends are written about in many boards and circulated as e-mails, often with superstitious warnings. Here are 10 very popular urban legends from different parts of the world. 10. Monkey Man [...]

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