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10 Best Police Forces in the World

July 20, 2016

New York Police Department

Country: USA

Set up in 1845, the New York Police Department or NYPD is widely acknowledged to be one of the most professional and efficient police forces in the world. Not only is it one of the oldest police forces in the US, it is also the largest municipal police force in the country. The NYPD is responsible for law enforcement in all five boroughs of New York City. The NYPD has a number of specialized teams including emergency services and counter-terrorism unit, bomb disposal squad, and anti-gang unit. The NYPD currently employs 34,450 police officers and other personnel.

Metropolitan Police Service

Country: UK

The Metropolitan Police Service, popularly called the Mets, was best known by the location of its original headquarters – Scotland Yard. With 31,478 police officers and some 17, 200 other supporting personnel, the Mets are responsible for law enforcement in Greater London area (excluding the City of London district). This includes protection of the British Royal Family and the British Government, and also playing an active role in counter-terrorism activities across the country. The Metropolitan Police Service is widely acknowledged to be one of the best and most efficient police forces anywhere in the world.

City of Los Angeles Police Department

Country: USA

Employing over 9,843 officers and 2,773 other staff, the Los Angeles Police Department or the LAPD is the third-largest law enforcement agency in the United States. The LAPD serves the City of Los Angeles, encompassing an area of 498 square miles. This means that the department serves a population of over 3,884,300 people. The LAPD is one of the most glamorized police forces in the world and has been featured in many movies and television series. Despite a number of controversies involving racism and brutality, the efficacy of the police force in law enforcement is undeniably one of the best.

Australian Federal Police

Country: Australia

The Australian Federal Police or the AFP is the principal law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth of Australia. Established in 1979, this federal police force performs a number of roles including national investigations, protection of airports, fighting major and national level crimes including drug and human trafficking, counter-terrorism activities, war against drugs, fighting cyber crimes and IP crimes. Another major responsibility of the AFP is its role in handling transnational crimes involving many countries. The AFP employs 2260 police officers and other staff and is one of the most efficient forces in the world.

National Police Agency

Country: Japan

The National Police Agency (NPA) of Japan works as the central agency that coordinates the various police forces of the country. While it does not have police officers of its own, it takes over the entire police system and coordinates relief during national disasters. In other times, it is greatly involved in policy matters and in determining standards for police agencies across the country. The NPA employs over 7721 personnel and supervises some 47 Prefectural police departments in Japan.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Country: Canada

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police or RCMP, popularly known as ‘The Force’ is the national police force of Canada. Apart from being the federal law enforcement agency of the country, the RCMP also provides provincial and municipal policing services to the three territories and eight of the country’s provinces (except Ontario or Quebec). It is also responsible for law enforcement in 150 municipalities, and protection of 600 aboriginal communities, and three international airports. As of 2015, the RCMP employs over 28,461 police and non-police personnel.

The People’s Armed Police Force

Country: China

With a total employee strength of over 1.5 million, the People’s Armed Police is one of the largest police forces of the world. Not only is the PAP charged with law enforcement and maintenance of peace in the most populous nation of the world, but is also responsible for various important functions such as firefighting, public security, aversion of drugs and human trafficking, and crime detection. Given the size and population of the country, the task is a mammoth one and discharged very efficiently.

Police Nationale

Country: France

The Police Nationale or the National Police is one of the two national police forces entrusted with law enforcement in France. The Police Nationale is charged with policing in the main cities of the country and the urban tracts. It is a large force with an employee force of over 145,699.  The Police Nationale is not only one of the best and most efficient task forces in the world, it is also one of the best trained with very high standards of induction. The force was set up in 1966 and reports directly to the French Ministère de l’Intérieur (Interior Ministry).

Federal Police

Country: Belgium

The Federal Police or the Federale Politie (set up in 2001) employs over 12,300 officers and civilian staff and is considered one of the best in the world. The Federal Police of Belgium carries out a number of national law enforcement services and specialized services. It also supports local police forces and maintains judicial police operations. Not only is it one of the most trained forces, it also one of the most efficient. The department employs 12,262 personnel including 9,065 officers and 3,197 civilian personnel.

Federal Police

Country: Germany

The Bundespolizei (BPOL) or Federal Police of Germany reports directly to the Federal Ministry of the Interior and  is one of the two federal police forces in the country. While the 16 states maintain their own police forces, the Federal Police has jurisdiction over aviation security and protection, railways policing, and even border protection. With an industrious staff strength of about 40,000 (including over 30,000 law enforcement officers), the Federal Police is a highly effective and highly trained police force. It plays a central role in maintaining law and order and security in the country.


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