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Mount Ararat, Armenia

Mount Ararat has its origin located in Eastern Turkey on the borders of Iran,Armenia, and Nachivan. Mount Ararat is a volcanic mountain in the ancient kingdom of urartu .
However, U rartu ceased to be exist after it was ruined by the Medes. Ararat came to be known as the popular site of the Armenians after Urartu eclipsed. Ararat and Armenia since then became a household name in Armenia.

The major high points of the MountArara t is the controversy surrounding the landing of Noah'Ark. There is popular a belief that Noah' Ark might have landed at the mount Arara t but the Bible dismissed this notion altogether.

Mount Ararat is said to be the largest single-mass or volume mountain in the world. Mount Ararat is a gigantic mountain with a height of 17,000 feet from the plains. As far as flora and fauna are concerned the Mount Ararat, boasts of native trees.

There are many views are on show regarding doubling of its size . A section of geologists opined that Mount Ararat took that gigantic leap in size as a post flood syndrome.

Noah's Ark at the Mount Ararat is simply a Babylonian myth. Urartu is synonimous to Mount Ararat. Urartu is the name of a a historical kingdom.