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Vanadzor Map

Vanadzor is the third largest city in Armenia. Vanadzor city was formerly known as Kirovakan. The city received its present name Vanadzor in 1992. Vanadzor city suffered great damages following the 1988 earthquake that hit Armenia. However, some of its major roads were saved from the destructive earthquake. It is the capital of the Lori Marz province of Armenia.

Location of Vanadzor:
The city is located in norther Armenia at the meeting point of the three rivers, Pambak, Tandzut and Vanadzoriget.

History of Vanadzor:
The history of Vanadzor city can be traced back to the Bronze Age. It was named after a black stone church that was located on a nearby hill. The Russo-Persian war completely ruined the city in 1826. Reconstruction work began successfully after the functioning of the railroad in 1899.

Attractions in Vanadzor:
The Vanadzor city features among the most exquisite places of Armenia. With picture perfect natural scenes, the place has attracted several tourists. The city bears evidences of the magnificent historical heritage of Armenia. There are many tombs strewn all over. Other artifacts of archaeological importance from the city have been preserved in the local museum.

Vanadzor city is a significant chemical producing area in Armenia. It also produces textiles and food articles. Moreover, it is also an important rail center. Lori Vanadzor and FC Vanadzor are two popular Armenian football clubs from Vanadzor.

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