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Gyumri Map

Situated at a distance of about 90 km northwest of the present Armenian capital Yerevan, Gyumri is the second largest city in Armenia. The Gyumri in Armenia occupies the northwestern part of the country, positioned on the Akhuryan River. Gyumri was previously known as Alexandropol when it was established in 1840. It got its present name Gyumri in the year 1991, after an ancient civilization that flourished nearby.

Climate of Gyumri:
By virtue of its location at an altitude of 4600 ft above the sea level, Gyumri summers are cool and pleasant. However, the winters are bitterly cold and tend to prolong longer. The area is also quite dry.

Sites at Gyumri:
  • A pair of churches stands on the main square
  • A regional museum and the Gyumri museum, known for housing some of the country's cultural possessions.
  • Russian Alexandropol fortress
Besides these, Gyumri city has a plethora of archaeological sites that boasts of the country's rich historical past. These are:
  • Remnants of an Early Stone Age settlement has been unearthed in the city
  • A Roman period cemetery overlapping with a Bronze Age settlement was excavated in the area called Vardbach.
  • Excavations at the Botanical Gardens has revealed yet another medieval settlement with ruins of a 7 th century church.
Attractions around Gyumri include:
  • Marmashen Monastery
  • Harichavank
  • Lmbatavank Church
  • Ani Overlook
Gyumri city has good road and railway connections. It can be conveniently reached from the capital city. Gyumri offers a wide variety of authentic Armenian cuisine to its guests. Accommodations are also easily available at Gyumri, the Berlin and the Isuz being the best known among all.

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