If you are a person who is in search for some hidden treasures of peace and tranquillity, Trelew in Argentina is your ideal tourist destination. The clear waters of the river Chubut on the threshold of
Trelew add a distinctive imagery to the surroundings of Trelew.

If you approach Trelew from the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, you have to make a distance of 1450 kilometers. From the capital of the province of Chubut, Rawson you can reach Trelew after a travel of only 20 kilometers.

The weather in Trelew is very tempting to a tourist. The winter in Trelew neither freezes you nor does it ask you for a kerchief to wipe your sweat. The temperatures largely vary between 0º Celsius and 15º Celsius. The summer in Trelew between the months of December and March witnesses a high temperature of about 38º Celsius. The swimming suit, and the sun screen lotion are the obvious carry for any tourist during the summer in Trelew .

Trelew is famous for its rich traditional activities. The tourists enjoy the festivities in Trelew and mingle with the amicable society of Trelew . Eistedvod is an annual Celtic meeting attended by big numbers in Trelew . This meeting is held only in this province apart from Wales. Eistedvod is a gathering point of musicians and poets to compete with their compositions and interpretations.

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