Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a provincial town in Argentina which offers a blend of traditional values and modern facilities.
It first came into existence in early1500s but declined due to disease and internal unrest.
The new city was re-founded in 1573. Although Santa Fe had been in it's dark ages till the 20th century, however, today, Santa Fe is one of the most important towns of Argentina. In the otherwise safe country of Argentina, Santa Fe is the safest town. Supported and highly influenced by the Parana River the town experiences a Mediterranean climate, thus making your stay more enjoyable .

Attractions at Santa Fe include:
  • The warm and hospitable Argentinian welcome with a hola!
  • Cabanas are the prime source of joy.
  • They are the small cottages,apartments or cabins in the rural areas in wonderful locations .
  • Camping is another charm in the large number of superbly situated sites and in almost all the national parks .
  • Huge waterfalls and green pastures take you to an altogether different world .
  • Fresh pasta, puddings, totally organic vegetables, pizzas, lambs and ice-creams are simply superb.
  • Modern agricultural technologies, social clubs, excellent airlines facilities, discotheques, etc. are some other attractions in Santa Fe .
Santa Fe is one of the major tourists attractions of Argentina. The untamed beauty of the region clubbed with mouth watering delicacies, fresh from the backyard, ensures that tourists don't miss out on this part of the country. All these are sure to make your visit to Santa Fe a memorable experience.

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