Posadas is the capital city of Misiones province . It is located in the southern part of Misiones province. Posadas lies on the western bank of the river Parana. Posadas city is a small city with an area of 965 kilometer square.
Posadas has a population of 255,052 persons as estimated in the year 2001. Posadas is important important in many ways as it stand as the governing center of the province, the economy center and the cultural center of the Misiones Province.

The economy of Posadas depends on the Tobacco industries, food industries, textile and furniture industries. The economy of the province is also supported by services and commerce.

The General Jose de San Martin Airport is the city airport from where one can board flights to Buenos Aires. San Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz international Bridge connects Posadas with Encarnacion city in Paraguay which is on the other side of the river Parana .

Posadas experience spells of dry season. The land of Posadas has a reddish hue. The average temperature of Posadas remains around 25 o Celsius.

The old buildings lined up gives a feeling of being in the Jesuit times. The architectural buildings, the museums, historical sites and the river bank, the estuaries, the water falls provides an ideal place to the tourists to sit and relax while they are on their holiday in Posadas.

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