Cordoba In Argentina

The pictorial city of Cordoba in Argentina is the colonial capital, bordered by Sierra Chica and Andes Mountains. The exquisite natural surrounding of Cordoba , overlooking River Suquia, has become an ideal tourist destination,
inviting millions of foreigners every year to come and enjoy its scenic beauties.

As the capital of Cordoba Province, Cordoba in Argentina is the second largest industrial hub of Argentina. However, the city has still preserved its rich past in the historical monuments and architectures, existing on the land since the colonial ages.

Ever since its inception on 6 th of July 1573, Cordoba in Argentina derived the present name from its founder Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera. It was one of the first capitals in Argentina to have extensive Spanish colonial settlements. The city also houses the oldest Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, founded by the Jesuit Order in 1613.

Ever since the Second World War, the economic conditions of Cordoba in Argentina improved at length with the automobile industries producing world-class cars like Fiat, Renault and Volkswagen. Aircraft (Fábrica Militar de Aviones) and railway (Materfer) manufacturing industries, along with heavy chemicals, textiles and agro-based commercial activities also contributed heavily towards further betterment of the country's overall economy.

Cordoba in Argentina is also technological hub of the nation, with Centro Espacial Teófilo Tabanera spaceport manufacturing and operating satellites successfully. Various software companies like Intel, Motorola, Vates, Santex América and Electronic Data Systems are doing real good business in the country, producing and exporting high-tech electronics goods.

Cordoba in Argentina is well-known over the globe for soccer. Among other popular sports events of the land, mention may be made of Rugby and Basketball, which of course come next to football in both national and international popularity.

With respect to the cultural achievements, Cordoba in Argentina does not lag behind the other cities. Apart from famous literary productions by Marcos Aginis and Arturo Capdevila, “Cuarteto” is the typical musical creation of the city. Traces of Spanish colonialism reflected in historical architectures like the Roman Catholic Church.

Jesuit Block, church of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuit Cathedral, Cabild – the colonial government house) and the Monserrat School mark Cordoba to be the most cultural city throughout the land of Argentina.

The vibrant nightlife of Cordoba in Argentina , together with the staging of theatres and the jazz music in the nightclubs add life to the creepy and chilling dark. Apart from being the capital, Cordoba still holds its autonomous spirit and unique elegance, which gets revealed in its assorted culture.

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