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About Antarctica

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Antarctica is the coldest piece of land on earth. This is the 5th largest continent. Antarctica information tells that situated in the southern hemisphere, southern ocean surrounds Antarctica. The average thickness of the ice covering almost 98% of Antarctica is 1.6 km. The information about Antarctica helps the researchers as well as the general people. Antarctica was a part of Gondwana about 170 million years ago. Today's Antarctica took the shape around 25 million years back.

In the interior part of Antarctica, the minimum temperature ranges from -80°C to -90°C. During summer, the temperature lies between 5°C and 15°C near the coast. Global warming has been a great issue in recent time. As, global temperature increase, a few degree Celsius rise in temperature in Antarctica may cause devastating flood and loss of life in other parts of the earth.

There is no permanent resident in Antarctica. However, governments from many countries conduct research work throughout the year there. In winter, people are less there. Earlier, there was no guide to Antarctica. Antarctica information was almost nothing in hand of the people like Scott and Amundsen who took lots of pain to uncover the ice-land to the world.

Many countries like Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, and the United Kingdom have put their claims on different parts of Antarctica. However, claims of Britain, Argentina and Chile overlap. The greatest claim of Antarctica is made by Australia. According to Antarctica Information, there is no official time zone. Mostly satellite phones are used on cruises boarding tourists. Sightseeing is observed through airplanes or helicopters.

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