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What Countries Will Join The European Union Soon?

Countries Joining The European Union
Infographic Shows Map Depicting The Countries Which Want To Be a Part of EU

While the United Kingdom plans to exit the European Union, there are several countries which want to be a part of the EU. Turkey, the country straddling both the continents of Europe and Asia has also applied to attain membership.

The political and economic union of 28 countries located in Europe, EU has been described as an emerging superpower. It has quite a strong influence in the international matters. In 2012, the European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The members that initiated the formation of European Union, were Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and West Germany (now Germany). The Union continued to grow, as new member states gradually join. Until now, no member country has left the EU. However, triggering the Article 50 of Lisbon Treaty, the United Kingdom is undergoing negotiations for its withdrawal from the EU on March 29, 2019.

Joining the EU

On the other hand, there are countries which have applied to be a part of the European Union. There are certain rules and regulations that must be followed before the state can apply. These conditions are called the ‘Copenhagen criteria’ which includes:

  • a free-market economy, and the ability to cope with competition
  • a stable democracy and the rule of law
  • protection of minorities and human rights
  • acceptance of all EU legislation, including aims of political, economic and monetary union.

When a country submits a membership application to the Council, wishing to be a part of the EU, the Commission is asked to assess the ability of the country to meet the Copenhagen criteria. If the opinion remains positive, the Council needs to negotiate with the country and provide the mandatory entry of the applicant into the European Union.

Owing to the large number of conditions and regulations, the negotiations take quite some time to complete. However, financial, administration and technical support is provided to the countries during this accession period.

Well-recognized as the “official candidates,” the countries which are in the process of being members of the EU are:

  • Albania

    Applied for membership in 2009, and became a candidate in 2014. Its accession will depend on its achievements regarding fight against corruption and organized crime.

  • Montenegro

    Applied for membership in 2008, and became candidate in 2010. It has adopted Euro as its currency, but isn’t yet a part of Eurozone.

  • Serbia

    Applied for being a member in 2009, and was granted status of candidate in 2012. The negotiations shall soon begin in near future.

  • Macedonia (officially known as “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

    A candidate since 2005, but due to its disputes with Greece and Bulgaria, the negotiations are hampered.

  • Turkey

    Made an application to join the EU in 1987, and was an official candidate by 1999. The negotiations are however still on-going especially regarding water, waste, nature protection and horizontal legislation.

Referred as “Potential candidate,” the following countries haven’t yet received the status of “official candidate,” but are on track to be member of the EU in the coming years:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    The country submitted its application in February 2016.
  • Kosovo

    The country declared independence on February 17, 2008, and the EU itself took note of the declaration. The Stabilization and Association Agreement between EU and Kosovo entered into force in April 2016.

24.6% of global nominal GDP was generated by the European Union in the year 2017. When the UK leaves the Union, the EU might still remain a strong political affluence in the world, especially after its enlargement in near future.

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