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What country has the highest divorce rate?

World map depicting top ten countries with highest divorce ratesInfidelity, incompatibility, substance addiction, and physical or mental abuse are some of the common reasons why a marriage fails. Global divorce rates are ever-rising, and currently the world is observing fewer marriages and more separations. Since 1960, the rates have shown a rise of 251.8%.

A law firm in Australia – Unified Lawyers, published a database that accounts the divorce rates in different countries. According to their research published for 2017, Europe is the divorce leader with a rate higher than 60%. Luxembourg, a country which boasts a rich economy, witnessed a whopping 87% of the married population getting divorced. The laws in the country allow divorce only if both the parties are older than 21 and are married for more than 2 years.

A strong mutual understanding is essential to make a marriage work, but perceptions and lack of trust can ruin relationships. People claim to fall out of love, and sign up for a ‘no-fault’ divorce. However, how a country carries out the legal proceedings, also plays a major role in the divorce rate of a nation. For example, in countries like Wales and England, no-fault divorce does not exist and a blame game is necessary if a couple wants to end their marriage. This often makes people reluctant and they decide to compromise, and not file for a divorce. In some regions, divorce hearings take even longer than a year, before it comes to an effect, which adds immense psychological stress on a person who wants to move on.

India has the smallest divorce percentage, and that is, 1%. It is argued that the actual reason behind the low rate is the stigma in society. The traditions and culture support a ‘one man, one woman’ policy, and anyone who disregards it for no reason, is often seen in a bad light.
Gone are the days when relationships were valued more than materialistic goals. In a process of becoming modern and civilized, and to ‘have it all,’ we are building borders within our own families. When people can visualize a financial security, they tend to avoid working on their relationships during tough times, and forget the vow ‘till death parts us.’

The table below mentions top ten countries with highest divorce rates:

Country Highest Divorce Rates
Luxembourg 87%
Spain 65%
France 55%
Russia 51%
United States of America 46%
Germany 44%
United Kingdom 42%
New Zealand 42%
Australia 38%
Canada 38%

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