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Where is Yemen?

Yemen Location Map Yemen Map
Description : Map showing Where is Yemen located in the World. Disclaimer

The country of Yemen is in the Asia continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 14.5697° N, 46.1003° E.

The neighboring countries of Yemen are:

Maritime Boundaries
  1. Djibouti
  2. Eritrea
  3. Somalia
  4. Somaliland

  Facts About Yemen  
Country NameYemen
Capital and largest citySana'a
Area527,829 km2 (203,796 sq mi) Water (%) negligible
Population23,833,000 (2011 Est.)
Lat Long16.071861, 47.625531
Official LanguageArabic
Calling Code967
Time Zone(UTC+3)
Airport57 airports, 17 of which have paved runways
Neighbour countriesOman and Saudi Arabia
Internet, اليمن.
CurrencyYemeni rial (YER)

  Location Maps of Cities in Yemen  
Last Updated Date: August 29, 2016


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