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Top Ten Largest Islands of the World

The map of Top Ten Largest Islands of the world shows some of the largest islands such as Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo.

World Map showing top 10 Largest Island
Description : Map shows top ten largest Islands in the world. Disclaimer


Top 10 Largest Islands of the World

S. N.IslandArea (km)Area (sq.mi)Location
1Greenland2,130,800822,700North Atlantic
2New Guinea785,753303,381Southwest Pacific
3Borneo748,168288,869West mid-Pacific
4Madagascar587,713226,917Indian Ocean
5Baffin Island*507,451195,928North Atlantic
6Sumatra443,066171,069Northeast Indian Ocean
7Honshu225,80087,200Sea of Japan-Pacific
8Victoria Island*217,29183,897Arctic Ocean
9Great Britain209,33180,823off coast of NW Europe
10Ellesmere*196,23675,767Arctic Ocean
Source :
Note : Mainland, including area of inland water, but excluding offshore islands.
*"Atlas of Canada - Sea Islands". 2009-08-12.
Australia is regarded as a continental land mass rather than an island

Last Updated Date: February 09, 2017

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