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Highest Waterfalls in the World

Map showing top ten largest waterfalls in the world. Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world with a height of 979 meters followed by Tugela Falls, tres Hermanas, Olo'upena Falls, Catarata Yumbilla Falls, Vinnufossen Falls, Puukaoku Falls, James Bruce Falls, Browne Falls and Kjerrskredfossen Falls.

Map of Top Ten Highest Waterfalls of the World Canada Map USA Map Norway Map Venezuela Map Peru Map South Africa Map USA Map New Zealand Map
Description : Map showing location of top ten highest waterfalls of the world. Disclaimer

Top Ten Highest Waterfalls
Waterfall Location Height in Meters
Angel Falls Canaima National Park, Venezuela 979
Tugela Falls Natal National Park, South Africa 948
tres Hermanas, Cataratas las Ayacucho, Peru 914
Olo'upena Falls Molokai, Hawaii, US 900
Catarata Yumbilla Falls Amazonas, Peru 896
Vinnufossen Falls More og Romsdal, Norway 860
Puukaoku Falls Hawaii, US 840
James Bruce Falls Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada 840
Browne Falls Fiordland National Park, New Zealand 836
Kjerrskredfossen Falls Nærøyfjorden, Norway 830

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